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Written in My Own Heart's Blood (Outlander Book 8) by Diana Gabaldon - A 30-minute Instaread Summary.

Inside this Instaread Summary:
Overview of the entire book Introduction to the characters in the book Summary and analysis of all the characters in the book A Reader's Perspective
Preview of the earlier chapters:

Chapter 1
It is June of 1778, and Ian Murray is in the forest outside Philadelphia building cairns, mounds of rocks meant to be a memorial to the deceased. These are for his mother, Jenny Murray, and his uncle, Jamie Fraser. He believes they have drowned.

Chapter 2
William Ransom is storming through a crowded street when a prostitute in a nearby doorway invites him in for a drink.

Chapter 3
Claire Grey is upset, and dealing with the mess William, her son, left behind after an argument. William recently learned that his father is Jamie Fraser, not John Grey. Claire recently learned her husband, Jamie, is alive. He was mistakenly presumed dead. 

Chapter 4
John Grey and Jamie Fraser are in the woods outside of Philadelphia. John tells Jamie that he had intimate relations with Claire, Jamie’s wife. Jamie is beating him when a group of men wearing liberty caps arrives. Jamie hands Grey over to the Continental Army soldiers.

Chapter 5
The prostitute leads William to her bedroom and tells him to wash up while she makes them drinks. He curses Lord John for keeping his paternity a secret. The prostitute returns, the two fight, and she kicks him out.